Wasps are a pest which are seen during spring – early autumn and have a pest status as they sting when disturbed or aggravated.


euro-waspThe European Wasp is now fully established in Victoria and other states around Australia. The Wasps nest is normally located in the ground, tree stumps, rockeries, wall cavities, roof voids and sheds. Nests vary in size but normally an average sized nest can have as many as 500-1000 wasps (that number rises if left untreated). Nests usually last 12 months but can survive longer in mild temperatures. In winter months males die off but the fertile queens hibernate to form new nests the following year. The European Wasp will sting if they feel threatened or disturbed and may sting several times. The sting is very painful.


paper-waspThe Paper Nest Wasp can build its nests on most surfaces including door/window frames, under pergolas etc. The nest looks like a paper or mud nest and wasps will congregate around the nest in the evenings.

NEVER APPROACH OR DISTURB a nest as this may agitate them and make them feel threatened causing them to sting. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and would need to seek medical attention if stung especially children.

Treatments are best conducted around dusk as most wasps would have returned from their days activities, but treatments conducted during the day will work just takes a little longer to kill its nest.

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